Update October: Red Dot Award 2020 for the new Telekom Sound Identity

The Telekom Sound Identity, which was further developed in close partnership between Deutsche Telekom and the two agencies S12 and Klangerfinder, won the Red Dot Award 2020 in the Sound Design category!

Red Dot stands for belonging to the best in design and business. Once a year, agencies, designers and companies from all over the globe are invited to take part in the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design. All of the entries are assessed by the Red Dot Jury in line with the guiding principle “In search of good design and creativity”.

Update September: Music + Sound Awards 2020 (MASA) finalist for the new Telekom Sound Identity

In addition to the International Sound Award, S12 and Klangerfinder were also a finalist at Music + Sound Award 2020 in the category: Best Sound Design in Branding!

Update August: International Sound Awards 2020 for the new Telekom Sound Identity

The International Sound Award 2020 for audio branding for the new Telekom sound branding goes to S12 and Klangerfinder

A new sound world for Telekom

Over 60 percent of people living in Europe associate the Telekom Sound Logo with the brand. The new development, for the 20th birthday of Telekom sound branding, was nominated for the International Sound Award. In the “audio branding” category, the Telekom Sound Logo prevailed over the competition and won the sound award 2020. S12 was jointly responsible for the new development with Klangerfinder.

Telekom has been a pioneer in audio branding for many years. Today the melody of five tones or rather the audio logo, is known throughout Europe. For the 20th anniversary, S12 and Klangerfinder have made the Sound Logo fit for the future. The tone sequence from 1999 remains unchanged and forms the core of the new sound identity. The modernized Telekom Sound Logo was rearranged using the newly developed “magenta tone color”. Functional sounds in the new timbre were developed from the core of the brand and the Sound Logo melody, including for the Telekom apps, the smart speaker and other digital applications. In this way, Telekom is expanding its sound identity and deepening the intuitive customer experience in the digital world.

On the basis of a comprehensive market research study, clear goals could be defined and achieved. Sound codes were developed from the implicit values, which among other things form the basis for the new Telekom sound.

Client: Deutsche Telekom AG
Agencies: S12 GmbH, Klangerfinder GmbH & Co KG