Individual sound experiences in all 25hours hotels worldwide

Perhaps you have already experienced the concept of the 25hours hotels for yourself. Each hotel is characterised by a design that is individually tailored to the respective city, paired with a detailed and special atmosphere. The 25hours hotels are different from normal hotels. Whether through gastronomic concepts, designs or a surprising service.

The right music must not be missing in this concept! That’s why we have been equipping each of the hotels with individual soundtracks for several years. The 25hours Sound DANN tracks are combined with music of local heroes from Paris, Vienna, Berlin etc..

This includes individualisation by zone (lobby, restaurant, bar, sauna etc.) as well as adaptation to moods and time of day or night.

Even the founder & CEO Christoph Hoffmann is involved in the curation. Through his Spotify playlists, he can help shape the music programmes in real time through our Spotify-backed service. By the way, we show how this works in our last post.

Marc O’Polo SE Denim DJs and drinks

To coincide with the launch of the brand new Marc O’Polo Denim spring/summer collection, we will be bringing our Marc O’Polo sound with our DJ crew to selected Marc O’Polo Denim stores on Saturday 25 March.

With tasty drinks and good music from Scandinavia, all those interested in sustainable fashion can experience the new collection up close in the stores in Munich, Bochum and Ludwigsburg.

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Multi-zonal staging & legal Spotify use including state of the art music for hotels and restaurants

We – S12 – offer the unique soundtrack for restaurants, bars as well as hotels. Because only with the Spotify-backed music service can streaming be used legally for commercial purposes. Either you put together your own individual music programme from 43 million music titles – or we take over this step for you.

▪️ high degree of freedom for your own MA
▪️ simple control with all end devices

This digital music experience service from our portfolio can be heard and experienced in all 25hours hotels, bars and restaurants worldwide. In addition, there are all zones of the Bikini Hotel Mallorca, all hotels of the Curio collection by Hilton on Sardinia and the Waldorf Astoria in Berlin.

AI in music production – S12 interviewed by RTL Deutschland Aktuell

The news about AI, machine learning and tools such as ChatGPT, soundraw,, midjourney and co. continues. And it was precisely in this context that the editorial team around Nikolai Henn from RTL Aktuell visited us last week to hear our opinion on the topic of AI in music production. AI-generated pieces of music were…

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Sound meets AI: Part 3 – Helau and Alaaf! Sound meets AI “Special” – Insights into innovative audio branding standards – AI-based sound rating & categorisation

How do Wolfgang Petry’s carnival classics and the use of AI in sound go together? We’ll tell you! Analyses are indispensable for the stringent curation of playlists and our standard of a uniform categorisation of sound and music! In this area, too, we already work hand in hand with artificial intelligence software and benefit from…

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Insights into our innovative roll-out standards in audio branding – Part 1: Modular Brand Score using the Red Dot Award-winning example of Kärcher

From brand score to modular music system! In this context, modular means that within the system, thematically and dramaturgically different styles are available for a flexible soundtrack of moving images.

This also includes a suitable producer library that provides composers and editors with a versatile selection of sounds (complete titles, individual tracks, …) and presets (openers, separators, …)!

The benefit?
100% on brand with high quality standards, fast processes in dubbing, flexible adaptations and sustainable cost savings.

By using this Red Dot Award-winning innovation – made by S12 and Klangerfinder GmbH & Co KG – Kärcher was able to target its diversified target group at over 100 different global touchpoints. Watch the video for more insights.

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2022 – it was a celebration for us!

Even though not all the highlights of our year fit on one collage, the picture shows a clear direction. We look back on a highly exciting year filled with great projects from the Corporate Sound and Instore Music sector. From small stores to large & complex locations to the most diverse Brand Projects, it was…

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XMAS – The Circle Zurich

At Christmas time, an XMAS show with a special choreography takes place on the main square of the Circle at Zurich Airport AG.

Once an hour from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., the Christmas-like backdrop is brought to life and a perfectly coordinated sound and light show is created around the “Sparkling Tree” for visitors to the airport. A great event that is automatically programmed via the audio technology concept designed by us and played out in TOP sound quality. This special event rounds off our cooperation with Zurich Airport for the year 2022 in a festive way and makes us want to do more in 2023!

On behalf of the entire S12 team, we wish you a wonderful pre-Christmas period and a peaceful 4th Advent!

It’s great to see a growing community on our channels at the end of the year. Look forward to more exciting content on the topic of sound in the coming year!


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HALLHUBER’s New Store Design -> New Sound DNA

With the first two stores in Münster and Nuremberg, HALLHUBER GmbH has created a new premium concept that incorporates existing brand values and creates a stylish experience for customers. If you have already been to one of the two stores or are planning a visit, please pay attention to the noise. What you hear here…

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This is how Licence Free Music sounds today

In yesterday’s article we talked about some of the advantages of Licence Free Music.
And today we would like to give you an audiovisual impression of how GEMA-free music can sound.

1. Headphones on
2. Sound on
3. And go!

Licence Free Music has become an exciting tool to give your brand more identity. If you want to get to know more innovative mechanics with which your brand can be experienced acoustically, then stay tuned!

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Licence Free Music – The Next Big Thing?

For years, we have been observing a steadily growing demand for Licence Free Music with our industry-experienced eye and see this development as a trend that will continue in the coming years. In the past, Licence Free Music was boring, not competitive in terms of quality and had a bad image. But things have changed…

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Sound in the context of a multisensory Brand Experience in the vehicle – created by S12 for BMW

CaringCar changes the atmosphere in the vehicle to consciously relax the driver or increase his concentration.

The two programs “Vitalize” and “Relax” change the multisensory settings for 3 minutes. These include:

  • Light
  • Air conditioning
  • Seat heating/seat ventilation
  • Massage
  • Scenting
  • and Sound

We at S12 are pleased to be responsible for the sound in all relevant vehicle classes within this pioneering InCar Experience project!

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S12 produces the Digital Age podcast with Nico Rosberg!

The Digital Age Foundation, which is oriented towards the common good, would like to take on new questions together with experts. With the help of educational work and advisory services, they help to ensure that as many people can actively and consciously participate in the digitization process as possible.

In the first episode of the podcast, Formula One racecar driver Nico Rosberg and Charité doctor Dr. Olga Geisel discuss the topic “screen time”:

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