New sound for the new MARC O’POLO store concept – How does Scandinavian casualness sound like?

Naturalness and lightness are the focus of the new sound. The bright, lofty character of the stores is reinforced by the individually created sound concept.

Cool, timeless downtempo beats that convey warmth and tracks by Scandinavian artists. The new store concept “Scandinavian Studio” by MARC O’POLO creates an individual, contemporary (life) style with Scandinavian roots. The sound aesthetics designed by S12 translates this philosophy acoustically.

Carsten Lehnen, Division Head of Retail and Expansion:

 „We are very pleased to have found a very competent partner for the concept development and the roll-out in our international store portfolio in S12. Customers and employees are enthusiastic about the new sound in our stores .“

Client: Marc O’Polo AG
Agency: S12 GmbH
Pictures: Copyright Marc O’Polo AG