Sound meets AI: Part 1 – Artificial intelligence in the sound sector – what can it do today and how will it change the future in our field?

KI, AI and especially ChatGPT are resounding from the rooftops as amazingly good text generators. By the way, the situation is no different in the sound and producing sector, with new tools springing up almost weekly.

We are relaxed about this development and are happy about new possibilities and optimised processes through AI.
Why? Tones, sounds, melodies and entire sound DNAs for successful brands are not, in our eyes, a product that can live on pure data and information feeding.

To create a brand acoustically, human know-how is required on a strategic, artistic and emotional level. A deep understanding of how the brand works, how it evolves and the dynamic behaviour of the core target groups. All this expertise has to be combined with the visions and objectives of our clients in order to create unique experiences.

To do this, we can make targeted use of the power of the artificial intelligence tools we use every day. For example, in the curation of music playlists, in the brand value matching of brand sound productions or in the use and implementation of brand and service voices.

Ultimately, the technology supports us with an incredible depth of data and we perfect it with experience, know-how and empathy!