Insights into our innovative roll-out standards in audio branding – Part 1: Modular Brand Score using the Red Dot Award-winning example of Kärcher

From brand score to modular music system! In this context, modular means that within the system, thematically and dramaturgically different styles are available for a flexible soundtrack of moving images.

This also includes a suitable producer library that provides composers and editors with a versatile selection of sounds (complete titles, individual tracks, …) and presets (openers, separators, …)!

The benefit?
100% on brand with high quality standards, fast processes in dubbing, flexible adaptations and sustainable cost savings.

By using this Red Dot Award-winning innovation – made by S12 and Klangerfinder GmbH & Co KG – Kärcher was able to target its diversified target group at over 100 different global touchpoints. Watch the video for more insights.