Sound meets AI: Part 2 – Insights into innovative audio branding standards – consistent and efficient Brand Voices

In the age of moving images at almost all touchpoints, it is more important than ever to establish a consistent brand voice that represents the brand across different channels. With a professional voiceover artist, a studio and associated recording costs, a consistent brand voice can quickly become costly.

This is exactly the challenge that a range of AI-powered voice synthesis software addresses! The concept is simple at its core: the software uses artificial intelligence to generate a human voice that can be used as a defined brand voice for dubbing any type of text via text-to-speech.

This voice technology is a highly exciting solution for audio branding use that brings several advantages:
▪️ Cost efficiency through lower royalty fees or no royalty costs for dubbings.
▪️ The elimination of studio fees
▪️ Time savings and speed
▪️ Continuous availability

A strategic conceptual development of the brand voice with the appropriate AI can be sensibly integrated into the overall acoustic and multisensory strategy of a brand!