Sound meets AI: Part 3 – Helau and Alaaf! Sound meets AI “Special” – Insights into innovative audio branding standards – AI-based sound rating & categorisation

How do Wolfgang Petry’s carnival classics and the use of AI in sound go together? We’ll tell you!
Analyses are indispensable for the stringent curation of playlists and our standard of a uniform categorisation of sound and music!

In this area, too, we already work hand in hand with artificial intelligence software and benefit from the enormous analytical power of the new technologies together with our customers and partners.

So where do the concrete added values lie?
▪️ AI enables music and sound to be evaluated, categorised and ultimately curated on a new level.
▪️ The success factor “uniformity” is objectified
▪️ The use of AI saves time and costs in the long run.

But now we finally come to the carnival! We did not miss the chance to analyse and compare some popular songs with regard to their character. With a plausible result that nevertheless underlines the power of AI. What do they all have in common? Major key, male voices, pop as the main genre, happy as the mood and a high energy level.

More updates on the development of the technology will follow here as always – stay tuned!