Exclusive & multi-layered sound experiences at Berlin’s Waldorf Astoria

Right next to the Zoologischer Garten in the middle of the capital, you can gaze at the breathtaking Berlin skyline from the rooms of this luxury hotel. The first-class elegance and sophistication inherent in the traditional style of the Waldorf Astoria is reflected in every single room.
The hotel also offers a wide range of themed restaurants & bars, meeting areas, wellness and sports facilities.

We were able to equip this highly diversified landscape with our Spotify-backed service to create individual sound experiences in these areas.

How did we proceed? First, it is important to define zones. These zones differ in terms of mood, type of experience, style and overall room concept. Based on these zones, we were able to curate individual soundtracks for the well-known “Peacock Alley”, the “Lang Bar” or the “Gerlain Spa”, for example, which are precisely tailored to the premises and deepen the effect on the visitor.