The Circle at Zurich Airport AG now also provides an outstanding sound experience – created by S12

To bring the atmosphere to the architectural level of the well-known Circle, we designed and installed an extremely unobtrusive, barely visible and very high quality audio sound experience system.

With the goal of optimal speech intelligibility and tonal music playout despite extreme room conditions. At the same time, the technology should be usable for events and concerts.

How did we succeed in realizing this?

The unique combination of a line subwoofer (bass loudspeaker) with an active beamforming component achieves an absolutely homogeneous horizontal radiation with a corresponding low-frequency component. The perfect sound in the Circle at the main square is achieved by the enrichment of Pendolos.

Which partners did we rely on – and why? The Circle includes technical components from Powersoft, Harmonic Design Audiotechnik GmbH and Ecler, with data transmission via Dante. This made it possible to do without laying miles of cable.

Finally, we have to say a big thank you! Zurich Airport is not only the client of the project, but also supported us and our audio technicians in an outstanding way. We are looking forward to the second part of the project in 2023!


Client: Zurich Airport
Agency: S12 GmbH