AI in music production – S12 interviewed by RTL Deutschland Aktuell

The news about AI, machine learning and tools such as ChatGPT, soundraw,, midjourney and co. continues.

And it was precisely in this context that the editorial team around Nikolai Henn from RTL Aktuell visited us last week to hear our opinion on the topic of AI in music production. AI-generated pieces of music were played to us and we were asked to judge their quality in terms of production, arrangement and sound. The question was: “Is an AI superior to a human music producer and will AI-generated music be heard on the radio in the future?

You can watch the interview and the whole article on the subject of AI at the following link:

In a nutshell: we see a lot of potential in AI-based / generated music, but the productions cannot compete technically and emotionally with those of professional musicians. Nevertheless, there will be one or the other application area in the future and even today, because we already rely on text-to-speech AI providers for voice overs and hotline announcements.