German Design Award 2021 for the new congstar Sound Branding

Audio branding that makes itself heard: the congstar brand sound. We developed a brand sound based on a modular system. In close cooperation with congstar, S12 and Klangerfinder have developed a brand sound that is based on a modular system. This achievement has now been honored with the German Design Award 2021 in the category Excellent Communications Design Brand Identity.

The German Design Award is the international premium award from the German Design Council. Its goal: to discover, present and award unique design trends. Every year, therefore, top-class submissions from product and communication design are honored, all of which are groundbreaking in their own way in the international design landscape.

A flexible brand score with different song modules, a melody that is instantly recognizable and a recurring sound logo. So, we sound different everywhere but always just like congstar. On TV, Online, Events or in our service lines. The congstar sound branding consists of the sound DNA and brand sound elements. The sound DNA is based on the unique brand melody and the sound tonality.

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