Sound On! A new Sound DNA for Škoda

We are excited! After the launch of the new design last year, S12 and Klangerfinder GmbH & Co KG were commissioned to develop the new Sound DNA at the beginning of the year.

The first step was to develop and launch the new Škoda Sound logo. Based on the new Škoda Brand Positioning, the outstanding feature of the new Sound Logo is the melody in addition to the timbre.

After the launch of the Sound Logo we will continue the development of a 360° Sound DNA together with the Škoda team. Thank you for your trust, Veronika Ziegaus, Petra Mackeova, Pavel Plíhal and Lukas Shon.


Client: Škoda
Agencies: S12 & Klangerfinder

Brand Sounds for the new BOGNER Headquarter

For the BOGNER showrooms in the brand new BOGNER headquarters in Munich, S12 developed a multi-zonal & modular sound concept. Derived from the brand values of the German luxury fashion brand, the brand positions itself to international visitors with an active, modern mood and flowing genre boundaries. Through an eclectic mix of electronic and organic…

MAMMUT® – The sound of adventurers

Together with the creative director of the Swiss outdoor company Mammut, we created an individual sound concept. Like the brand, the sound is characterized by a sporty and modern character.

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The 25hours Hotel sound in Copenhagen

On March 15, the first 25hours Hotel in Scandinavia will open – the 25hours Hotel Indre By in Copenhagen. The name of the hotel, the Danish term “Indre By” means downtown or city center. S12 has developed an individual sound concept for this 25hours Hotel. Besides a specially created 25hours Hotels DNA there are even more playlists to discover: in the Neni Restaurant, the Boilerman Bar and in the Café Duse.

The newest of the 25hours Hotels opens in the center of Copenhagen, in a former 19th-century porcelain factory. Like the other hotels, there’s a lot to explore here, from the Vinyl Room to the Love Library. In the Boilerman Bar, as in Munich and Hamburg, there are alternating live DJs and suitable playlists, tailored to the time of day. There is also a curated playlist in the Neni Restaurant, which reflects the colourfully mixed, oriental flair of the restaurant.

Customer: 25hours
Agency: S12 GmbH
Pictures: Copyright 25hours

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Audi Sound in Shanghai – between aesthetics and high-tech

With the House of Progress, AUDI AG opened the world’s largest showroom in Shanghai. On a total area of ​​2400 square meters and 2 floors, S12 as a partner is responsible for the sound. The House of Progress is accommodated in the headquarters of the SAIC Group in Shanghai and serves as the new flagship store for SAIC Audi. The S12 creatives developed a country-specific Audi sound concept for the Chinese market with the integration of Audi branding.

Customer: AUDI AG
Agency: S12 GmbH
Pictures: Copyright AUDI AG

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It’s here! The soundtrack of an era!

The 911 is a timeless icon. Songs also lasted for decades, became timeless classics. They stir up big emotions, they portray a certain lifestyle. Find out how the 911 and the music of their respective generation

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Try what’s possible – sound branding for Congstar!

S12 and Klangerfinder create a new acoustic brand identity for Congstar. In order to reach the young target group, TikTok is the central communication channel. From March 2, the new brand presence will be seen and heard there. With the Challenge # probiertwasgeht and of course on TV. “The new sound strategy also has ramifications for the media strategy. Things started to move here anyway”, says media expert Claus-Dominique Otto.

More information and sounds can be found here:


Client: congstar
Agency: S12 GmbH, Klangerfinder

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Feminine, timeless, unique. The sound of the WINGATE brand.

S12 creates an exclusive music concept for WINGATE, implemented via Soundtrack backed by Spotify. WINGATE, started by the designer Daniel Wingate in 2017, stands for luxurious fashion, made in Germany.

In October 2020, WINGATE opened its first flagship store in the FÜNF HÖFE. In addition to the collection, there is also furniture from Schönbuch, jewelry from FOVE and art from Christian Muscheid. Together, the result is a holistic cultural shopping experience that makes inclusive and exclusive design tangible in Munich.

The sound concept of S12 underlines the individual design of WINGATE and acoustically emphasizes the brand philosophy: ageless, sizeless, fearless.


Agency: S12 GmbH

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Telekom Sound Logo and audio branding

Update August 2020: The International Sound Award 2020 for audio branding for  the new Telekom sound branding goes to S12 and Klangerfinder

Over 60 percent of people living in Europe associate the Telekom Sound Logo with the brand. The new development, for the 20th birthday of Telekom sound branding, was nominated for the International Sound Award. In the “audio branding” category, the Telekom Sound Logo prevailed over the competition and won the sound award 2020. S12 was jointly responsible for the new development with Klangerfinder.


A new sound world for Telekom

Telekom has been a pioneer in audio branding for many years. Today the melody of five tones or rather the audio logo, is known throughout Europe. For the 20th anniversary, S12 and Klangerfinder have made the Sound Logo fit for the future. The tone sequence from 1999 remains unchanged and forms the core of the new sound identity. The modernized Telekom Sound Logo was rearranged using the newly developed “magenta tone color”. Functional sounds in the new timbre were developed from the core of the brand and the Sound Logo melody, including for the Telekom apps, the smart speaker and other digital applications. In this way, Telekom is expanding its sound identity and deepening the intuitive customer experience in the digital world.

On the basis of a comprehensive market research study, clear goals could be defined and achieved. Sound codes were developed from the implicit values, which among other things form the basis for the new Telekom sound.


Client: Deutsche Telekom AG
Agencies: S12 GmbH, Klangerfinder


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The Audi Le Mans Tribute is celebrating Audi´s long racing history and honors the successful commitment of the Audi Sport racing team.

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For Volkswagen S12 and Klangerfinder developed the audio motion app which combines in real time different driving data like braking, acceleration and indicator lights with three basal songs – “Rockin’ Beats”, “Groove Tracks” and “Chill-Out”.

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